Link roundup

Development Policy27 Apr 2010Janelle Ward

My field isn’t development, but since I started blogging at The Broker I’m more tuned into relevant events in this field, particularly relating to new media use. I’ll take this opportunity to mention a couple of recent events and resources that may be of interest to readers:

– On Thursday, 4 March, the LIDC hosted an evening on “Development 2.0: How The Guardian is Using New Media to Report Development.” This event focused on development work being carried out by the NGO Amref in Katine, rural Uganda. Two reporters from The Guardian, Liz Ford and Eliza Anyangwe, talked about how The Guardian has used new media to report on development. Guy Collender has provided an excellent summary of the outcome of the event here, including audience feedback and criticism.

-Every wondered what publication form to pursue when publishing ICT for development research? When searching for the maximum impact (in journals), this guide, published on the ICT4DBlog, provides an evidence-based start. This guide is one in a series of four that examine good research practice, the size and growth of the research field, and one on overall quality and impact of ICT4D research.