More innovation and inspiration: Civil society partnerships for civic action

News08 Feb 2018The Broker

With Activism, artivism and beyond The Broker and The Spindle drew attention to a wide variety of innovative activities initiated by civil society to defend and expand civic space. This space, as the CIVICUS Monitor so aptly shows, continues to be threatened around the globe and protecting it requires sustained and joint efforts. This new project will explore the various ways in which civil society partnerships are defending people and organisations against forces that threaten their rights and freedoms.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development highlights the value of strong civil society partnerships, as well as partnerships that bring together a wide variety of civil society actors, government actors, the private sector and others, as essential to solving the global challenges we face today. New and creative forms of partnerships abound – helped of course by the ever-expanding technological possibilities – and it is our goal to collect and share the most inspiring and promising examples.

If you have examples of interesting or innovative civil society partnerships that you wish to share, please contact