New politics in uncertain times: lessons from Podemos in Spain, join the lecture on 2 October

News27 Sep 2017

In Spain, however, a different trend can be observed. The political party Podemos offers an alternative to right-wing populist parties for those who are dissatisfied with, or have been neglected by, neo-liberalism and globalization. The Broker CEO Frans Bieckmann recently published a book describing these dynamics (also see a recent article comparing populism in Spain and the Netherlands).

On 2 October, one of the founders of Podemos, Miguel Urban, is giving a lecture and joining a debate organized by Frans Bieckmann and TNI in Amsterdam. Together with other politicians they will discuss what Western Europe, and The Netherlands in particular, can learn from Podemos. The debate will be presented in Dutch and Spanish and all interested individuals are invited to join.

Find more information on the debate (in Dutch) here.

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