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News04 Feb 2013Saskia Hollander

The Broker is launching an online consultation on the role of water in the soon to be determined post-2015 development agenda. This consultation will bring together a range of inspiring people from different backgrounds – including academics, entrepreneurs and representatives of civil society and government – for a multidisciplinary discussion on the relationship between water cooperation and global development. Also, our informative dossier on water priorities after 2015 integrates the consultation with the UN’s World We Want 2015, and related background material and multimedia content.

The aim of this consultation is to discuss all aspects of water cooperation in relation to global development. Key questions that will be answered in the debate are: 1) What are the water-related priorities and key actors in the development of global water policy? and 2) How can water cooperation successfully contribute to global development?  The debate will therefore identify how water cooperation can effectively target current global challenges and shed light on burning issues like water diplomacy, water education, transboundary water management, financial cooperation and environmental justice. An important element in the consultation will be the relationship between water cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the other ten post-2015 themes outlined.

The ‘Prioritising water after 2015’-consultation, organised by The Broker in cooperation with Inner Sense and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is part of the preparations for the United Nations World Water Day (WWD), hosted by the Netherlands and UNESCO, on 22 March (see blue box below). The consultation aims to provide valuable input for WWD in shaping recommendations for the UN post-2015 global development agenda on water. These recommendations will be presented to the members of the UN Secretary-General’s High Level Forum on 22 March.

The Broker aims to mobilize multi-stakeholder involvement and to translate relevant knowledge and expertise into valuable policy solutions relating to water cooperation for the UN post-2015  development agenda.


 [Update: this debate has been closed]

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World Water Day and Wings for Water

On 21 March, Inner Sense and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize a multi-stakeholder dialogue, Wings for Water (W4W), in which government leaders and leaders from civil society, business, the UN, and religious and youth organizations will participate. The aim of the W4W event is to develop an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to water cooperation. The Broker’s ‘Water priorities after 2015’ consultation, as well as the UN ‘World We Want’-consultations, will provide input for this multi-stakeholder dialogue. The dialogue will be organized around roundtable discussions on two central themes, ‘Water, equity and sustainable development’ and ‘Water and inclusive finance’, and will result in a ‘wake up call for water’ to serve as input for World Water Day.