Prioritising Water

News07 Feb 2013

The Broker aims to mobilize multi-stakeholder involvement and to translate relevant knowledge and expertise into valuable policy solutions relating to water cooperation for the UN post-2015 development agenda. Key questions that will be answered in the debate are: 1) What are the water-related priorities and key actors in the development of global water policy? and 2) How can water cooperation successfully contribute to global development? The debate will therefore identify how water cooperation can effectively target current global challenges and shed light on burning issues like water diplomacy, water education, transboundary water management, financial cooperation and environmental justice. An important element in the consultation will be the relationship between water cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the other ten post-2015 themes outlined. We will be linking up our social media output with the Water Post 2015 team, so you can interact in many ways.

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