Research Questions – my Turbo version

Knowledge brokering08 Jun 2010

Further Research needed on:

1. Potential for absolute decoupling: how far and how fast to go, can substantial environmental improvements be realised in combination with economic growth?

2. Overall measurement of improvement, with explicit normative weighting of improvement in consumption and production in full supply chains, based on economic analysis and public discussion;

3. Overall impact at macro level of micro level eco-innovation system improvements, and the implications for micro level improvements;

4. Constraints for deep eco-innovation, such as lack of eco- incentives, or emerging counter incentives, limits in resource supply, income effects inherent in shifts in consumption, administrative procedures, which delay investments

5. Drivers of economic growth, allowing differentiation between factors for labour productivity growth and factors towards absolute labour time growth;

6. Drivers for eco-efficiency.

7. Influence of income elasticity of demand in options for reduced spending (increases in income tend to be spent on luxury items like specialty food and travelling, which tend to have relatively high environmental footprint per unit of expenditure.)

8. Barriers and incentives for working less (reducing volume of labour).

9. Development of a single framework for strategy analysis and policy discussion, including strategies such as dematerialisation, cradle-to-cradle, 3R, low-energy society, industrial ecology/industrial symbiosis and high labour intensive-low capital intensive production.

10. Integrated analysis of dynamic supply constraints, showing how material limits to change can be interrelated and only exist on global macro level.

11. Energy requirements of nature, to be analysed actively in the realm of combined ecology and industrial ecology.

12. Role of capital, labour, natural resources and knowledge in sustainable development.