The Broker 2021 – A colourful report for a colourful year!

Knowledge brokering05 Jul 2022Giovanni Puttin

Last week The Broker published its annual report 2021. After years of producing a standard and, to be honest, somewhat boring document listing the results of the year before, we decided to shake things up. And we are proud of the result: a colourful piece reflecting the energy of our team and inspiration of our projects! 

Our annual report describes in greater detail the work we’ve done in 2021. You will find more detailed information about our work in the knowledge platforms – INCLUDE and the NFP – as well as a colourful overview of the 17 (!) additional projects we completed in the last year. Meet our 2021 team, read up on our core themes and various knowledge products and services, and find out how our website and social media channels contributed to our knowledge brokering mission. Of course, the annual report also includes a chapter on our finances, providing a clear and transparent insight into our financial wellbeing.

You can download our Annual Report 2021 here.
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