The Broker Annual Report 2022

Knowledge brokering,Magazine,News05 Jul 2023Charlotte Stam

Our annual report 2022 is out now and it describes in greater detail the work we’ve done in the past year. In 2022 trust in a peaceful and sustainable world order, the purpose of all our activities, has been seriously undermined by the impacts of covid-19 and the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war. The Broker team has worked diligently to counterweight these global challenges and is determined to keep doing this in solid partnerships with all those that believe in the power of knowledge for positive changes.

In our annual report you will find more detailed information about our work in the knowledge platforms – INCLUDE and the NFP – as well as an overview of the 18 (!) additional projects we completed in the last year. Meet our 2022 team, read up on our various knowledge products and services, and find our brokers in several media channels. Of course, the annual report also includes a chapter on our finances, providing a clear and transparent insight into our financial wellbeing.

You can download our Annual Report 2022 here.

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