The Broker has a fresh, new website and visual identity

News14 Mar 2014Kersti Wissenbach

The Broker has launched its new visual identity and freshly redesigned website. The adjustments support The Broker’s aim to provide a clear platform for cross-disciplinary debate. The new Broker environment aims to increase clarity and usability of its content. We have restructured the site with the intention to better facilitate the engagement experience of our users and consequently expand and intensify The Broker community.The new website structure is centred around The Broker’s five core themes (Global Development Strategies, Food Security,Human Security, Inclusive Economy and Social Change). All content is accessible via the main theme pages in order to create clearer and more inviting debate environments. All of our dossiers are hosted on their most relevant theme pages and will be cross-linked with other connected themes via the related icons. Dossier icons for example are:

The dossier cycle

The new site structure furthermore offers more diverse engagement opportunities for our community. Each dossier will be provided in a holistic debate environment which brings together all content. The entire process (see image on top of this item) – including the initial creation of a topic, the content selection, the debate, and the final derived policy recommendations for stakeholders – will be more transparent. And there are opportunities to easily engage in every phase of the process. Every phase in the process and related sort of content has it’s own colour:

Editorial articles

Expert opinions


Policy recommendations

  • Icons (as shown above) will inform you which themes are related to the content you are reading.

  • Colours (as shown above) will indicate what type of content you are reading.

  • Topic and dossier-specific discussion environments will support online forum discussions on specifically announced questions.

  • Every article interface will feature a summary section that extracts the key aspects of the long read.

  • Every phase of the debate will be analyzed and summarized for further discussion by The Broker’s editorial team.

  • Since action points deriving from our in-depth debates have different implications for different target groups, the new site will feature both in-depth and summarized policy recommendations for different stakeholders relevant to the process, such as academic researchers, NGO practitioners, government officials, etc.