The Broker’s contribution to the Agenda Knowledge for Development

News04 Oct 2018Kim van Wijk

This is recognized by the ‘Agenda Knowledge for Development’, a universal knowledge framework within the Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP). The Agenda aims to build an international partnership that promotes peaceful, wealthy, sustainable and inclusive global advancements by building knowledge societies and fostering global knowledge partnerships. By focusing on the lead role of knowledge in development, the Agenda complements the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. To do so, the Agenda has formulated 14 Knowledge Development Goals, which are represented in its third edition.

This latest edition contains 130 personal views from experts around the world on the needs of inclusive knowledge societies. The Broker’s Saskia Hollander and Vanessa Nigten both share their take on what is needed to ensure appropriate knowledge co-creation and use. In their statements, they emphasize how brokering activities contribute to inclusive knowledge processes, in which people from different disciplines, backgrounds and geographical locations collaborate to contribute to the Agenda’s global goals.

You can read The Broker’s contribution in the full report (pdf) of the Agenda Knowledge for Development on pages 51 and 72.