Thoughts on mobilizing through inspiration or anger

Civic Action02 Dec 2010Eelke Wielinga

The event is inspiring already, indeed. But what is inspiration anyway?

What strikes me is that the issue of drive, passion, energy and inspiration is hanging around everywhere. It might be my bias and I like to believe it and it is the entry point of my work in networks. How to keep the energy in these, sometimes massive, multi-stakeholders processes (MSP’s)? Who are the ones that really are driving the process forward? How do you relate with them if you want to be part of the movement? And what is driving you? What place does this issue have in the methods we use?

Not yet expressed but related: what about mobilizing anger? Many MSP’s, and also networks that form themselves to play a part in such processes, start with angry people. There is energy in anger too. But sometimes such anger leads to destruction. How do we deal with that? What do you do with your own anger?

Thoughts for further exploration.

This blog item was part of the ‘Engaging stakeholders for change’ dossier

Increasingly, multi-stakeholder processes are being used in response to ‘tough’ problems such as responding to climate change, fighting poverty, and creation of sustainable business models. Many development organisations and networks have become aware that these change processes are of an increasingly ‘emergent’ nature, and need to be facilitated. The Change Alliance is an emerging global learning network which aims to support good practice in facilitating and strategizing around multi-stakeholder cooperation for systemic change.

From 1-3 December 2010, 20 facilitators of multi-stakeholder processes from across Africa are meeting in Nairobi. Co-hosted by the Change Alliance and SNV, to exchange experiences with leaders, researchers and donors. This ‘Inspiring Change’ event aims to share and collate state-of-the-art experiences and explore ways of supporting and strengthening capacity for effective facilitation of multi-actor processes.

This blog provides an online discussion platform for speakers, participants and other experts in the field, where they can reflect on the discussions and opinions voiced at the Inspiring Change event as well as further discuss the wider topics it addresses.