Three new colleagues join The Broker

News28 Mar 2019Remmelt de Weerd

Anika Altaf has joined The Broker team as a knowledge broker. She gained her PhD earlier this year with research on ‘The many hidden faces of extreme poverty’. On behalf of The Broker she will be working for the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and other projects that relate to her academic expertise in inclusive development and human wellbeing.

Arthur Rempel also joins the team as a knowledge broker. His interests include income and wealth inequality, global goods and the global commons, sustainable finance and inclusive development. A few years ago, Arthur made a career switch from the corporate realm to environmental sustainability and conservation. Next to his work for The Broker, he is pursuing a master’s degree in International Development at the University of Amsterdam.

Samenda Bauer has joined The Broker as office manager. She is studying European Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and is excited to learn more about the work of The Broker. Combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, she is certain to do great work in supporting the team.