Time for a change: The Broker is moving to The Hague ‘Bazaar of Ideas’

News16 Apr 2018Remmelt de Weerd

With this move to The Hague, we hope to become even more closely connected to the many (inter)national worlds of knowledge, policy and practice that can be found in this city. Honouring the tradition of Eastern markets, the Bazaar of Ideas is a meeting place for people from different disciplines and from all over the world. The building sits at a crossroad between the government, NGOs, and day-to-day urban reality, creating a hub for local and international entrepreneurs and social communities. In the heart of The Hague’s new student quarter, the Bazaar is part of the multicultural Station area, just a step away from The Hague HS train station and close to the city’s policy-making centre.

The Bazaar of Ideas is home to many meet-ups, political debates and conferences. We hope to invite you to one of our own events there soon and work together on making knowledge work for you.