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Our active involvement in INCLUDE, the knowledge platform for inclusive development, has led to the creation of a Knowledge Base for policy as well as the launch of the highly successful Question of the Week. In similar fashion The Broker has been part of the Food & Business knowledge platform, where an integrated approach towards food security is promoted through, among others, a Knowledge Portal and interactive events.

New research articles, expert opinions and blogs were published on The Broker website. Particularly our Sahel Watch and Inclusive Economy Europe programmes, as well as the special dossier on Migration saw a lot of new contributions. A special thank you therefore to all our authors; we hope you will keep contributing to The Broker in 2017!

Finally, in addition to a number of smaller projects and products, The Broker developed a digital toolbox in collaboration with Wageningen University. This toolbox serves to guide NGOs in developing or improving their programmes and will be available online in the coming year.

We extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all our authors, partners and readers for their continuous support and fruitful collaborations in 2016. We are looking forward to continue working together in 2017.

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