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Governing SDG Interactions

An international research programme studying interactions between different SDGs in specific country contexts.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute an indivisible agenda. We cannot tackle food security (SDG 2), for instance, without considering land degradation (SDG 15) or climate change (SDG 13) and vice versa. Such interactions may exist between any set of SDGs. In practice, however, individual interventions on the ground often focus on one specific SDG without considering the links with other goals. This can lead to missed opportunities for establishing synergies, or worse, to contradictory interventions that undermine certain SDG.


This international research programme will study interactions between different SDGs in specific country contexts. The results will provide insights into how development actors can effectively govern interactions among SDGs for improved development outcomes.

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Yannicke Goris

On a road to understanding SDG interactions

The Broker is starting a 5 years knowledge brokering and synthesis (KBS) project within NWO’s SDG Interactions research programme, in collaboration with Dr. Nicky Pouw (University of Amsterdam) and Prof. Dzodzi Tsikata (University of Ghana)

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This research programme aims to encourage research focusing on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) interactions and policy interventions in developing countries. The consortia will work in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner, internationally and across the entire knowledge chain.

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“Beyond cherry-picking”: aligning development actors and efforts for inclusive and effective governance of trade-offs and synergies between SDGs in East Africa


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