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SDG Interactions and Policy Interventions in Developing Countries

An international research programme studying interactions between different SDGs in specific country contexts.

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The research program on ‘SDG Interactions and Policy Interventions in Developing Countries’ aims to explore the interdependencies between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their influence on policy interventions. It seeks to provide insights into the positive and negative interactions among SDGs and their impact on achieving the SDGs worldwide.

The program focuses on three main themes:

  1. Governance and decision-making processes related to SDGs in developing countries, aiming to enhance policy coherence. 
  2. The effect women’s empowerment has on food security, dietary diversity, and women’s BMI. 
  3. The relationship between climate change and security risks, analyzing when and how climate change acts as a threat multiplier for conflict and instability.

The Broker, in collaboration with Dr. Nicky Pouw (University of Amsterdam) and Prof. Dzodzi Tsikata (University of Ghana), will carry out a ‘Knowledge Brokering and Synthesis’ project aiming to synthesize and disseminate the research results to policymakers, development workers, academics, and other stakeholders. The project emphasizes transdisciplinary collaboration, building bridges between various knowledge fields and encouraging closer collaboration and two-way knowledge exchange throughout the project; all with the aim to develop innovative solutions to optimize SDG-interactions for inclusive development.

Literature review

The Broker produced a literature review to provide insights into the current state of knowledge on interactions between the SDGs of focus of the three research projects. The review discusses the synergies and trade-offs among the SDGs of interest, empirically identified in existing academic literature. You can download it by clicking on the cover.

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The Broker is starting a 5 years knowledge brokering and synthesis (KBS) project within NWO’s SDG Interactions research programme, in collaboration with Dr. Nicky Pouw (University of Amsterdam) and Prof. Dzodzi Tsikata (University of Ghana)

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This research programme aims to encourage research focusing on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) interactions and policy interventions in developing countries. The consortia will work in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner, internationally and across the entire knowledge chain.

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“Beyond cherry-picking”: aligning development actors and efforts for inclusive and effective governance of trade-offs and synergies between SDGs in East Africa.

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