Board Secretary

Mirjam Ros-Tonen

Mirjam Ros is a human geographer by training with a PhD in policy sciences based on a study of the timber industry in Brazilian Amazonia. She has always worked at the science-practice interface, both inside and outside academia – as a programme officer at Tropenbos International, a self-employed science writer, the coordinator of the Development Policy Review Network, and currently as an associate professor at the Governance and Inclusive Development group at the Department of Geography, Planning, and International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam where she coordinated several transdisciplinary research projects. She has research experience in Mexico, Brazil, Ghana, Zambia, and Indonesia on themes like forest use and management, landscape governance, rural livelihoods, and knowledge co-creation in multistakeholder processes. She is interested in methods that give marginalised people a voice and facilitate their engagement and negotiation capacity in multistakeholder and learning platforms, such as participatory mapping, backcasting, and discourse analysis. She recently co-authored several systematic literature reviews, a.o. on knowledge co-creation in multistakeholder platforms and human insecurities in gold mining in Ghana.