Experts and authors listing

O'Loughlin John

John O'Loughlin

John O'Loughlin is a political geographer interested in the dynamics of conflicts. He is a College Professor of Distinction in Geography at the University of Colorado-Boulder.
Obeng Francis

Francis Obeng

Francis Obeng is senior lecturer at the University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana, and the Ghanaian coordinator of the participatory development assessment (PDA) research team. Obeng earned his PhD from the University of Amsterdam.
Obure Jerim

Jerim Obure

Jerim Obure (Kenya) studied international development studies at the University of Amsterdam, his MSc thesis was titled Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation: A Meta-Analysis of Anti-Poverty Interventions in Northern Ghana.
Odell Scott

Scott Odell

Scott Odell is a programme associate at the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington, DC, for the Education (PREAL), Commitment to Equity, and Global Trends programmes.
Oenema Stineke

Stineke Oenema

program coordinator for the Food and Nutrition Security program at ICCO. She is chair of the European Food Security Group and a member of the editorial board of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch.
Ogunji Johnny

Johnny Ogunji

Dr. Johnny Ogunji, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ebonyi State University (Abakaliki, Nigeria).
Okail Nancy

Nancy Okail

Nancy Okail is a foreign aid evaluation consultant.
Okany Amaka

Amaka Okany

No personal information available at this moment.
Olifson Sylvie

Sylvie Olifson

Sylvie Olifson is a Health Economist, Global Forum for Health Research.
Oliver Jetti A.

Jetti A. Oliver

Jetti A. Oliver is Chancellor of SHIATS University, Allahabad, India, and Chairman of Christian Education Council of India.