Food Security

Food Security

Exploring comprehensive food security strategies that ensure a secure supply of affordable food.   ▶

Food Security introduction

This theme addresses how to feed the growing world population and alleviate poverty. It explores comprehensive food security strategies that ensure a secure supply of affordable food using less land and water and producing less waste and fewer emissions.

Food security will be  a major challenge in future decades. The way food is currently produced, traded, distributed and consumed will not sustain the growing world population. The current system will not end hunger but rather increase the food insecurity, unless it is radically redesigned. Inclusive policies, implementation and advocacy based on multidisciplinary research is crucial to ensure impact on food security at local, national and international levels.

For that reason The Broker brings together experts in development, agricultural production, trade and climate change to gather their opinions on new agricultural models, technology and innovation, trade policies, access to natural resources, and supply chain management. Some of the controversial issues pertaining to the food security debate include small-scale farmers versus large-scale agriculture, biofuels, the use of chemical fertilizers, genetically-modified foods, and free trade versus regulation and export restrictions. This means including smaller farms in regional food chains, as well as international agricultural industries, which have to work for the rural poor to impact food security by taking into account local environmental and cultural values.

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