Brokering in times of information overload: a new dossier on COVID-19 

News15 Apr 2020Yannicke Goris

The COVID-19 pandemic is posing an enormous challenge for the development sector. Policy makers and organisations across the globe are having to adjust to the new circumstances as quickly as possible, trying to determine what is the best course of action. Knowledge is key to make such important decisions. Yet, the staggering amount of knowledge currently produced about this crisis and its impact on international development is beginning to pose a challenge in itself. It has become almost impossible to know where to start or, for that matter, stop reading. 

As knowledge brokers we feel we have a responsibility to help our network navigate this information overload. That is why we have developed this online dossier on COVID-19 and global development. The aim of this dossier is not to provide a comprehensive overview or formulate some kind of synthesis. For that, we are still too much in the middle of the storm. 

This dossier brings together contributions that are particularly useful for the development sector; perspectives that offer a different angle and go beyond immediate responses to this crisis. We will publish both new and existing articles, all in an effort to stimulate knowledge uptake and the dissemination of valuable insights and solutions. 

Have you come across an article you feel would fit this dossier particularly well, or would you like to write your own contribution? Please send us an email.