Case studies bring research on religious actors in development to life

Knowledge brokering13 Jun 2022Giovanni Puttin
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Back in October 2021, Knowledge Brokers Yannicke Goris and Martha Kapazoglou began a journey exploring the role and impact of faith-based organisations in achieving sustainable development, as part of the research project ‘Working with faith-based actors for development’ (commissioned by Prisma, Woord & Daad, Dorcas, Tearfund NL and World Vision NL) which culminated in a synthesis report and an interactive workshop. 

For the second phase of this collaboration, we will present three case studies to validate and add depth and nuance to the research findings. 

Case Study 1:  Woord en Daad’s Job Booster programme in Burkina Faso

Case Study 2: Programme engaging faith leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Case study 3: A case study of a religious organisation’s work in a shrinking humanitarian space