New seats taken at The Broker

News30 Sep 2019Kim van Wijk

Our Broker office has some new additions to the team. We are happy to welcome Kiza Magendane and Hannah Itcovitz and excited for them to share their expertise with our diverse team.

Kiza Magendane will be strengthening our Broker team with his truly connecting spirit. He has a master’s degree in political science and regularly writes for Dutch (news)papers such as NRC, De Groene Amsterdammer and De Kanttekening on his observations on Dutch politics and citizenship, migration and identity, global development and geopolitics in Africa. Check out his TEDTalk ‘Why you should adopt a refugee’.

Hannah Itcovitz has joined our team to work for INCLUDE, where she will focus on topics related to informality, inequality and migration. With a master’s degree in economics and urban management and development, specializing in resilience, as well as her research experience in various development-related issues, her skillset lies in balancing analytical and creative thinking. Hannah is fascinated by the complexity of development challenges and strives to make solutions more integrated, context-based and locally-relevant.

We are happy to have Marit Bol on board to help us in making our ‘Broker Day’ on 6 November in The Hague possible. On top of that, she will be our new office manager from November onwards. Welcome Marit!