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Our project portfolio integrates various areas of development research and policy. The following overview showcases the projects and activities The Broker has been involved in over the last years.

Current projects


SDG Interactions and Policy Interventions in Developing Countries
Synthesizing research on SDG interactions

As part of the NWO funded SDG interactions programme, The Broker in collaboration with Dr. Nicky Pouw (University of Amsterdam) and Prof. Dzodzi Tsikata (University of Ghana), is carrying out a 5-year knowledge brokering and synthesis project. Researchers from Wageningen University, University of Groningen, and Utrecht University are investigating respectively the goverances of SDG interactions, food security and women’s empowerment, and climate and conflict. The Broker will in turn synthesize and valorise their findings to ensure the insights become more than a sum of their parts.

INCLUDE knowledge platform

Promoting evidence-based policymaking on inclusive development is the main goal of INCLUDE, the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies. Since its establishment in 2012, the platform has pursued this goal by facilitating research, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue. Visit the website of INCLUDE to view the work of our knowledge brokers.

Sahel Watch

Conflicts can often not be understood from a national perspective alone, but require cross-border analysis.

Based on that insight, The Broker started the ‘Sahel Watch Living Analysis‘, which seeks to enhance our understanding of developments in the volatile Sahel region.

Netherlands Food Partnership

Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) started in January 2021 and brings together transformative coalitions with civil society, private sector, knowledge institutes and public sector actors to achieve urgent changes for sustainable food systems. NFP is an umbrella initiative where organizations and networks pool and mobilize their knowledge and expertise to take Dutch efforts for global food security to the next level. Working within NFP, our knowledge brokers help organizations make knowledge work for food security via the NFP platform activities and help build effective coalitions.

Project portfolio

Diaspora Inclusion

How can the potential of the diaspora effectively be harnassed for inclusive development in the Global South?

By organising an online multi-stakeholder conversation, The Broker and Partos joined forces to stimulate a constructive dialogue on diaspora inclusion in the Dutch development agenda. This contributes to a critical reflection about the raison d’être of the dutch development setor and the creation of new partnerships beyond the traditional development actors.


Cash transfers, food and fragility

With this project in partnership with INCLUDE, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law – The Broker aims to increase understanding about the impact of cash transfer programmes on food security and under what conditions these programmes can be best implemented to have a positive effect on food security and fragility.
The project will result in a synthesis of available knowledge and interesting case studies.

Food & Business Knowledge Platform

Supporting the co-creation of better policies and practices on food and nutrition security was the main objective of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP). In January 2021, the F&BKP formally intergated into Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP).

Food security and stability

As global food insecurity is increasingly concentrated in fragile and conflict-affected settings, the developmet sector is in search of effective ways to intervene. 

The Broker has produced a series of reports to assist the learning of a community of practice on these topics.


‘(Un)usual suspects’: Science for Using Research (SURe) programme

The Broker has assisted the researchers of the project An unusual suspect: the private sector in knowledge brokering in international development in promoting research uptake and disseminating their findings across a broad audience, including policy makers and NGOs. To achieve these goals and bridge the academic-policy divide, we delivered the following products and services: writing and publishing ‘popular’ articles, formulating policy briefs, assisting in organising workshops, disseminating output and facilitating a lunch-meeting at the MFA.


The Spindle Series on Civil Society

Together with Partos and The Spindle, The Broker is working on a publication series about civil society activism in all its inspirational forms.

This series has resulted in three publications so far; ‘Activism, artivism and beyond‘, ‘Joining forces, sharing power‘ and ‘Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças‘.


Woord en Daad knowledge trajectories

NGOs continuously encounter new situations in their work in terms of context, policy demands and research insights. This means that their knowledge questions and knowledge needs are constantly changing. 

For Woord en Daad, The Broker has been engaged in various knowledge trajectories to tackle such challenges.


Centre of Expertise on Global Governance

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) is setting up a new Centre of Expertise (CoE) on Global Governance. The Broker was commissioned to assist in the process of laying the foundation for this CoE because of our relevant network, our experience in bridging the gap between worlds of knowledge and expertise in synthesising and co-creating knowledge. The Broker’s services included a scoping study on the needs and knowledge demands for a CoE, mapping potential partners, workshops with the four lectorates and writing a synthesis report as the main foundation for the CoE’s annual plan.


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